Quick Battery Replacement for iPhone 5

One of the main reasons people visit local Philadelphia  iPhone repair shops is to get their cell phone battery replaced. If you use your device even a fraction as much as the average person the idea of your battery not lasting the entire day seems horrible, yet if you have an earlier iPhone such as the 4S or 5 this is all too common and will eventually happen with the new iPhone 6 as well. Over time and multiple charge and re-charge cycles, you’ll find your phone not lasting the entire day and this is definitely both annoying and an issue that can be resolved.

iPhone 4/5 Battery Replacement in Philly

While not initially designed this way, the lithium-ion battery screwed into the back of your phone can certainly be physically replaced and this process takes only 20 minutes if done by a local Philadelphia repair technician. This does void your Apple warranty, but if you have an older device, your warranty is likely already expired, even if you had one through your carrier do many people do it themselves or trust a local cell phone repair shop to get it done faster and for minimal cost. In terms of the actual components used, there are various quality batteries, LCD screens and other internal parts available online for anyone to buy. We’d recommend staying away from low cost parts as they tend to not last as long and can cause bigger problems down the road. From our experience the more established repair businesses in Philadelphia tend to use higher quality parts and you can count on them to last longer and back up their labor. Unfortunately since anyone can order raw parts online the responsibility falls on you the Apple user to make sure you vet the experienced repair technicians from those trying to make a quick buck. If you do, there is no reason you can’t continue to use your older phone and have the battery last the entire day.…

Advantages Of Cell Phone Repair You’ve Probably Never Considered

Your cell phone is undoubtedly an integral part of your daily life. It’s a mini computer that comes equipped with all of the latest apps and gadgets that you need in order to live your life to its fullest. The moment your phone breaks, you can feel like you’ve lost control of your day and you need to replace it right off the bat, or do you? Cell phone repair is becoming a popular option for many mobile device users as it simply helps cut down the costs of ownership and it offers you the ability to get your life back on track quicker.

There are many cell phone repair technicians that you can choose from online or offline. The important thing if to find someone that not only does a good job on the repair, but also does so for an affordable price.

Top Reasons To Consider Cell Phone Repair

1. It’s much cheaper to get a high-end phone repaired than it is to purchase a new one. Your iPhone can cost several hundred dollars new, and if you were happy with its performance, why would you purchase a new one? The nominal repair fee that technicians charge is simply minuscule compared to the price of having to go out and purchase a brand new smartphone. It’s worth taking into consideration, however, that the price of the repair will depend on the make and model of your phone.

2. If you store a lot of data on your phone, it’s not always easy or possible to transfer it onto your new device. A broken phone will often contribute to data loss, so the possibility of transferring everything to your brand new smartphone isn’t a possibility. It’s also worth taking into consideration that you would have to install all of your apps again and if you were in the middle of playing a game, you may lose all of the settings. A much better alternative is to have a professional fix your cell phone and then you won’t have to worry about losing data.

3. Phones damage our environment and in recent studies, it has been concluded that they emit radiation and do contribute to global warming. In addition, many mobile device users don’t recycle and the products end up cluttering our landfills. If you care about our environment and want to take a step towards protecting our planet, repairing your old cell phone is a good way to take a stand.

4. One of the most compelling reasons to repair your old phone is because you like it. Perhaps the model you have is trustworthy but no longer sold by the manufacturer, so repair is the only option you have to get the same phone.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to pay money to a cell phone repair technician. There are some easy fixes that you can do on your own, but it’s best to leave the hard stuff to the experts.

If you’re in need of a cell phone repair in Madison WI, this is a proven company ran by expert Madison iPhone repair specialists.…

Fix Your iPhone in Edmonton

If you just dropped and cracked your iPhone, you’re probably worried about two things – the cost, and the turnaround time. No one ever really plans on breaking their iPhone (that’s why you spent the money on that case, right) but the need for an immediate solution is clear in every city, Edmonton included. You might see fluctuations in the price locally and think this is due to greedy Edmonton cell phone repair shops, but this isn’t the case. Newer phones have a limited supply of quality parts so the price naturally rises – over time the price will stabilize as more and more quality LCD digitizers cover the market and make it easier for trusted suppliers to repair your broken iPhone screen confidently. As an example, when the iPhone 6 was initally released, the cost of the screen alone was upwards of $300, but as of January 2016, it has dropped by two thirds, making it very affordable.

Local Edmonton solutions we can recommend vary, but usually we only deal with established shops that have tons of Yelp and Google reviews and a positive established online reputation. Unfortunately, anyone can order a batch of screens online and spam the local listings with the lowest price to get customers and while this might seem like a good and quick solution, it can very quickly turn sour when you realize you have a crappy screen. Saving a few bucks and finding yourself looking at a cracked iPhone 5 screen in a few weeks is certainly not worth the time and headache.

Can you penny pinch and get the parts and do the repair yourself? Certainly, and many Edmonton area residents do opt for this. However, we’d highly recommend avoiding this route if you are for comfortable with minute parts and electronics in general. There are almost an infinite number of ways you can mess up the repair process from cracking the delicate LCD screen to losing the specialized pentalobe screws that hold your phone together. In order to save $20-30 we simply do not see it as worth the hassle. If you find yourself in Alberta and looking for an expedited and affordable repair solution, Mill Creek bloggers recommend you check out Matrix Repairs in Edmonton

iphone repair edmonton

Fixing Cracked iPhone Screens Is Easier Than You Think

cracked iphone screen


If you’re an experienced Apple user in the Lubbock, Texas area you’ve likely had to deal with a broken or cracked screen, bad battery, or other hardware problem at one point or another regarding your iPhone 4, 5 and yes even the new 6/6+ models. This is such a common problem that Apple has made changes to their classic extended warranty (you may have heard it referred to as Apple Care) as well as to the actual devices they manufacture. Is this really surprising? The level of dependency the average Lubbock iPhone user has on their device in terms of email and social media is staggering and a broken or blacked out LCD screen can be a serious problem. No access to data on the go, or the ability to make and receive texts and calls is pretty much the end of the world for many busy young professionals. So what are the solutions out there and how do they stack up? There are basically two, and we’ll go over the pro’s and con’s of each in today’s blog post.

Official Apple Solutions To A Cracked iPhone 5/6 LCD Display

The safest and most cost effective option is to definitely purchase the Apple Care add-on when you first get your brand new iPhone, which costs $99 and gets you up to three replacement devices over a 2 year period. For the price, this is a no brainer and Apple has definitely done their homework in making sure they can get you a brand new (ahem, refurbished?) device as fast as possible from the time you bring it into one of their fancy retail locations. The only potential downside of this (and many may argue there is no real downside) is it does not cover water or liquid damage and you have to wait 24-48 hours for a new device to be shipped to you. Other than that, if you just dropped your iPhone, cracked the screen and can make it to the nearest Apple Retail location – go for it, they’ll get you a new phone pretty fast.

Lubbock iPhone Repair Options For LCD Screen Replacement

The other option you have is to find an established cell phone repair shop in the Lubbock area and have them fix the individual problem with your phone. The good news is that there has been such demand for iPhone repair services in recent years that many local shops are boasting iPhone screen repair in as little as 30 minutes. This may seem incredible, but the reality is that a replacement screen is pretty easy to find, and installing it is straight forward. Does this mean you can do it yourself? Maybe, and we’ve gone over that in other posts. But if you can find a trusted source for iPhone screen replacement in Lubbock, you can get your device fixed much faster than if it was done through Apple. The cold hard truth is that the extended warranty that Apple sells may not even cover your older device (especially if you have an iPhone 4 or 4S – or even a first generation iPhone 5).…

Columbia SC iPhone Repair Options

Fixing your own iPhone is something tech savvy people take on as a side project, but the question is can the average Atlanta Apple user do it yourself? Should you get the do-it-yourself kits and try to fix your broken screen or are you better off taking it to an Apple Store or third party cell phone repair shop? Here’s the breakdown and what you should do, depending on the type of repair or problem you’re looking at.

Replacing Broken iPhone 5 LCD Screens in Columbia SC

If you’ve dropped your phone, you know the feeling of turning it over and finding the cracked display can be crushing. The problem then becomes what is the fastest and most convenient way to get this problem fixed without breaking the bank or any other components in your beloved iPhone 5. Your first step should be to check if your Apple Care warranty (if you purchased one when you initially got your phone) since that covers two entire phone replacements. This means Apple will ship you a brand new refurbished device regardless of the condition your phone is in, within 48 hours. This is an excellent warranty, especially if you have a totally crushed or severely damaged phone.

In other instances though, specifically those in need of a speedy repair that can be accomplished within the hour you’re going to want to find an Atlanta iPhone repair shop and bring your device to them. The demand is so high for on the spot iPhone screen replacement that several of these type of services are constantly popping up. The best part is they can get the repair done while you wait, or within the hour at most. The process for fixing screens that are cracked or unresponsive is pretty straightforward for the average technician – you simply replace the entire front display instead of addressing the small cracks or blemishes. The same is done for any interior damage which can also happen if you drop your phone – if the connection between the motherboard and external display is damaged, it’s more economically sensible to replace the entire display.


Extending iPhone 4 or 5 Battery Life

A super common repair is replacing the factory standard battery on customers iPhone 4 and 5 devices. Over time the repeated charging and discharging can reduce the battery duration to unbearable levels and most people get frustrated and give up at this point. However, this is one of the most simple repairs for a cell phone repair shop in Columbia SC to fix and takes almost no time at all. Unscrewing the back cover and installing a new battery is one of the sure fire ways to add value to and extend the lifespan of your device.

iphone 5 battery

Fix Your iPhone Today – And Save Money!

Fixing a broken iPhone screen is both crucial, time sensitive but also a daunting task for many users especially in the Charlotte area. If you simply use your phone for getting around, games or accessing emails knowing the ins and outs of replacing the entire front LCD display – or any other type of hardware issue for that matter – can seem like a bit too much to take on. It’s for this reason that local PC repair shops that usually take on virus removal; hard drive recovery and the have begun offering iPhone repair services to solve the issue for locals who find themselves with a broken or cracked screen and a confused and frustrated experience.


Official Apple Repair Policies For iPhone Devices

Doesn’t Apple solve these issues? Of course, however their support is limited at times – if you haven’t purchased the extended Apple Care warranty, you might find yourself looking at upgrading to the next most recent iPhone model just to get the most out of your investment – which many Charlotte users see as unneeded. There are affordable laptops and smartphone screen replacement services starting at around $100 but for some time iPhone users were left out in the cold and forced to upgrade for hundreds more. More recently, since OEM quality replacement parts have become more prevalent and accessible for even the small shops so you can now get your old iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 screen replaced for as little as $80. The best part is that since companies are competing for your business price and convenience are the two main selling points – most shops in Charlotte advertise a one hour turn around and more established ones may even offer a generous warranty that will cover any defective parts or service.

These services are popular since almost anyone with a bit of technical hardware experience can learn to replace a broken screen, bad battery or unresponsive home button but there is a downside as well – unskilled technicians opening up your iPhone essentially void the manufacturer warranty and you can beleft on your own if you run into any issues. It’s for this reason that we recommend getting the initial Apple Care warranty and taking advantage of the two free replacement devices they offer you for a flat$200 – then once that expires you can check out the third party iPhone repair shops in the Charlotte, NC area.…